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Clipper Repair Service

Clipper Repair Service

$ 25.00

Clippers can be easily repaired instead of replacing, we have the ability to solve most common problems with some new parts and a little time.  Consider Sure Sharp Blades Repair service to help you fix your worn out clippers and bring them back to their original reliability.

Here is a list of common things that can cause your clippers to malfunction

  • broken or loose power cord
  • worn or broken power switches
  • excess buildup of hair and debris in the clipper housing

Our service involves repair or replacement of broken parts, cleaning of the inside of the clipper and sharpening of the clipper blade supplied on the unit.  We perform a final test and send it back to you.

Please note any parts required to complete the repair are an additional charge and will be communicated to you prior to the parts being replaced so you can authorize the additional cost.  If you decide not to go forward with the repair then the clippers will be returned to you at no additional charge.