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Sporting Knife Sharpening

Sporting Knive Sharpening

$ 5.00

When your out on the trail, your favorite fishing spot or in the back yard you need your knife sharp and ready.  Sporting Knives can take a lot of abuse and at sure sharp blades we know how to clean and sharpen your knives so they continue to work well for you.

Don't have the time to sharpen up your knives no worries you can use Sure Sharp Blades Mail order Sharpening Service to sharpen your blades and get them back to you in no time.

We can sharpen popular brands of knives including:

  • Buck Knives
  • Schrade Knives
  • Smith & Wesson Knives
  • Muela Knives
  • Sauer Knives
  • Old Timer Knives
  • Swiss Army Knives
  • and Many More....