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About Sure Sharp Blades

Founded in 2011, Sure Sharp Blades is one pet groomer’s personal solution to his business’s dull blade dilemma.

“As the owner of Aussie Pet Mobile of Farmington Valley, I spent 3 years bouncing back and forth between spending too much money replacing my groomers’ dull scissor and clipper blades and trying to save a few dollars by utilizing other blade sharpening services that only proved to be unreliable and of poor quality.

“Finally, I gave in and bought my own blade sharpening tools.”

“Finally, I gave in and bought my own blade sharpening tools.  Since then, I’ve had some of the happiest employees around.  If I can provide my groomers with blades this good without funding replacements every 8 weeks,” I thought, “wouldn’t other cost-conscious businesspeople who use the same tools want to do the same thing?

“From that question was born Sure Sharp Blades – expert blade sharpening for professional groomers, restaurants, gardeners, and consumers that affordably preserves the life and usefulness of their favorite blades.”

– Rick Johnson

Founder, Sure Sharp Blades