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Scissor and Shear Sharpening

Whether cutting paper, fabric or something as delicate as another persons hair having your Scissors and Shears Sharp is necessary for a quality cut.  Now you have a sharpening service at your doorstep, use Sure Sharp Blades mail order sharpening service to sharpen your Scissors and Shears so they cut better than when they were new.

We have a multi-step process that trues the edge, sharpens, and then polishes the blade it so it will stay sharper longer, making you more productive. To get started select the items you would like to sharpen and add to your cart.  During the check out process you can pay using most popular payment methods and we will take it from there.  

Not sure how to pack your Blades?  Don't worry, we have a video for that.  Take a look to see how to pack your blades so they arrive in the same condition as when you packed them.